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FreePOPs homepage - documentation

In this section you can find documentation for both the user and the developer.

LiberoPOPs users: this is a migration howto from LiberoPOPs to FreePOPs (italian only).

User documentation

There is an english PDF user manual (also in HTML format), an italian translation (also in HTML format) and a tutorial for dummies on how to set up your mail client.

User help

There is a forum, feel free to submit questions and suggestions, but please read the documentation and update to the most recent version before asking for help or submitting a bug.

Developer documentation

There is documentation of the C modules and documentation of the LUA modules. The manual (also in italian) is a good introduction on how to write plugins. curl_lua is a subproject of FreePOPs, and all released files are available at the curl_lua page.

Developer help

In the about page you can find the email addresses of the developers, write them a note if you want to help the development.